Popular Beauty Sites Including Personal Style & Makeup

Popular Beauty Sites Including Personal Style & Makeup

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For the best makeup advice and product reviews.

Reddit Skincare Addiction (www.reddit.com)

For all things related to skincare, crowdsourcing is the best way to get tips and tricks.

Beauty is Boring (beautyisboring.com)

Robin Black founded Beauty is Boring, and she photographs everything she finds interesting, not just the latest trends.

A Model Recommends (www.amodelrecommends.com)

A Model Recommends features product recommendations from an international model.

Temptalia (www.temptalia.com)

Temptalia offers beauty news and reviews.

Rouge 18 (www.rouge18.com)

Rouge 18 keeps you up-to-date with all of the latest happenings in the fashion industry.

The Formula Blog (www.theformulablog.com)

The Formula Blog combines news of both American and European beauty trends.

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Beauty Sites for 2020

If you’re looking for beauty advice online, you’re going to have to sift through tens of thousands of tweens giving makeup and skincare “advice.” Unless, that is, you have some help curating a list of actually helpful websites. That’s where we come in.

Our list of beauty websites includes blogs that give you makeup tips, websites that give product recommendations, and anything else you want for your beauty needs.

Makeup Addiction

Nearly two million makeup addicts share their makeup creations on this forum. They also give advice on makeup application, products, and more.

Skincare Addiction
This forum brings together a million people with a shared passion: skincare. On this forum, you’ll get advice on skincare routines, products, and specialized skincare plans for people with a variety of kinds of skin.

Beauty is Boring
Beauty is Boring is a photograph-heavy beauty website. In general, this site features unique makeup look created by artists. This is more avant-garde makeup style, so it’s cool to look at but you may not want to wear these looks to work.

A Model Recommends
Ruth Crilly was a fashion model. She started this blog in 2010 after retiring from modeling. She focuses on beauty and fashion, but she also shares some fun stories about her life as a mom in rural London.

Temptalia was founded in 2006. It posts reviews, photos, swatches, tutorials, and beauty tips––everything you need, in short, to up your beauty game. They believe that everyone deserves to feel both beautiful and confident, and that makeup can be artistic expression.

Rouge 18
Amber Katz founded Rouge 18. Amber has been beauty blogging since 2006, and her work has been featured in a variety of beauty publications. She focuses especially on beauty products.

The Formula Blog
The Formula blog covers all kinds of beauty products. It brings you reviews of those products, and also sneak peaks into what’s coming in the world of beauty products.

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